Arts Award Discover at Home Qualification: Activity Pack

Arts Award Discover at Home Qualification : Activity Pack

So you want to do your Discover at Home?

Discover at Home is an exciting way for you to take part in arts activities, celebrate what you do and gives you the chance to get a certificate!


You will need to:

  1. Take part in at least one arts activity. This could be writing a story, drawing a picture, making some music, singing a song, dancing a dance – or anything else creative that you enjoy or would like to try for the first time.

  2. Find out about an artist. You can find out about anyone who does a creative job, like a singer, painter, playwright, actor, writer
    or musician. Do you know anyone who is creative you could find out about?

  3. Share what you have enjoyed and learnt with at least one other person.
    You could show your family what you have done, or share with family and friends over video call, email, or phone.

Make sure you keep what you have done for your arts log. This could be photos of you taking part in your activities or the art work you have made, you could draw what you do, or you could write about it. The choice is up to you and it’s a great record of your achievements to share with your family, friends and teachers when you go back to school!

We have put together lots of ideas of things for you to do – ask an adult to help you find a fun activity for your Discover at Home.

When you have finished, talk to your adult about submitting your work for your Discover certificate.

We can’t wait to see your creativity