Carolyn Shepherd


Carolyn says her art is about continuity.

Her art practice is an experiment with materials & processes.  She destroys materials in order to transform them, so they become stronger or more beautiful after the trauma.

Carolyn says this is a metaphor for life.

Her sculptures include burnt wood, cut paper, burnt photographs. They are made in a ritualistic process of destruction & renewal.

Carolyn graduated with First Class Honours in Fine Art followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Arts & Media.  She also holds a Masters Degree in Business & IT with distinction.

Carolyn's work has been exhibited & sold internationally.

Between 2012-2017 she became deeply involved in facilitating art in the community. This all-consuming passion gained her recognition & acclaim for her achievement and contribution to the arts. 

Carolyn now runs Beach Gallery on the stunning island of Hoy, where she lives next to an idyllic beach in peaceful seclusion.


Carolyn Shepherd
Mobile: 07513 889 668

01856 701414

Beach Gallery, Kirkhope Bay, Hoy, Orkney, Scotland KW16 3PQ

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