Julie Fewster


Julie is the person behind Inner Finn Ceramics. Here she explains the background to her beautiful work ...

I’m inspired by a love of clean lines, pure form and the pared back style of Nordic design. I make unique, functional and sculptural objects from my studio in Cheshire.

Why am I maker?’ Because it makes my heart sing. Because I find peace when I’m making. I make to add a little beauty & joy to the world. I make sculpture because it is my first love, and I make drinking vessels & bowls because I gain pleasure out of using handmade products & I want you to. I make things that I want people to touch, love & use. I also make because I value handmade items that give a connection with a specific individual. Why Inner Finn? I was lucky enough to study for around five-months in Finland. I felt curiously at home in a country with more trees than people, and in the beauty and stillness of the Finnish winter landscape, with its bare branches and mounds of snow. This experience affected me deeply, my work was transformed and it has continued to inform my creative vision ever since.

A desire to capture quietness, offering a moment of stillness amongst the bustle and noise of modern living, characterises my work. I explore the tension of opposites: the interplay between control and chance, between soft form and hard materials and between fleeting movement and stillness.

 My work is slip cast by hand, I complete each step of the production process myself, design through to, mould making and of course casting. I love slip casting because it enables me to make repeatable pure forms that either I, or nature then get to scribble on in a rebellious fashion.


BA(Hons) Design: Applied Arts 2016 North Wales School of Art and Design, Glyndwr University Erasmus Exchange Scheme, Studying at HAMK, Hameenlinna, Finland 2015

BTEC L3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 2013 

BTEC L3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design (Fine Art) 2012


07513 889668

Beach Gallery, Kirkhope Bay, Hoy, Orkney, Scotland KW16 3PQ

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