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Ants to Elephants!

Pole cats, moths, lizards, puffins ... such a variety of wildlife has arrived in the gallery it's resembling a zoo! It's such fun, opening each carefully wrapped parcel to reveal the delights inside - it really is exciting. I'm overwhelmed with the range of styles, subjects & techniques & can't wait to share them with you.

Thank you to all the creative folk who have been inspired to take part in this show. The exhibition will Launch in May 2021 & will then be available to view on the gallery website.

So, what's happening now? Well I've fallen in love with a different artwork every day & had to restrain myself from buying everything for myself before they go on display! I've given our website a springtime makeover so it looks good, it's easier to use & it also works. Let me know if you find any gremlins - I am cross-eyed with it all so may have missed a trick somewhere! All the lovely artwork is being photographed, catalogued & uploaded to the website as we speak.

I've also assembled for you an Exhibition Catalogue as a digital download brochure & I'm planning to record a couple of informal Art Chat videos so you'll have the opportunity to look at some of the works 'for real'. And there's more, look out for an invitation to a Private View (virtual, of course!) so you can attend wherever you are in the world! I'll probably be scheduling this towards the end of May.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas or requests that will enhance your experience of this lovely exhibition. Meanwhile, here's an incredibly beautiful moth!

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