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Beach makes the BBC News

So when the BBC randomly rang & asked me to pop in for a chat, I had a small moment of panic. My mind raced. What could they want? Would I like to audition for Strictly? Or The Great Pottery Throwdown? Help! I thought. I mustered my courage to respond.

We'd like you to 'do a piece' they said ... I had a vision of being whirled round the dance floor by Anton du Beck.

So, it seems word has got out that there's a woman by the beach who's found a way to connect to the world wide web. News indeed.

That someone would attempt an 'online' exhibition is out of the ordinary on the island of Hoy. In fact doing anything online comes with challenges.

Could be something to do with the rusty telephone cables, the wild winds & the salty air that makes superfast broadband the stuff of dreams.

But where there's a will there's a way! The good news is that there are lots of beautiful pictures in the online exhibition & you will be able to see them all from May 1st.

You can listen to the BBC Orkney radio 'piece' here (it's near the end at 25:30) ... If you're not familiar with the beautiful Orcadian dialect which musically lilts along revealing it's Scandinavian influence, then you will enjoy listening to the voices on Radio Orkney. I enjoyed my visit to the Radio Orkney recording studio & especially to meet the lovely presenter Cameron, who is indeed as lovely in real life as his 'radio voice' sounds! ... (And so much lovelier than Anton du Beck!)

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