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Your invitation to Wild Things Summer Exhibition 2021

Updated: May 1

This is your invitation to come & look around - it's a Virtual Exhibition of small artworks on the theme of wildlife.

And what a wide selection there is! Tigers & parrots, robins & bluetits, mice & hares ... even a camel & a porcupine are here too. Thank you to everyone who was inspired to create art for this show, I hope you'll enjoy looking around the display.

You have a choice of ways to look at the artwork ...

  • from the Exhibition Page you can easily scroll through all the works, clicking on any that you'd like more information about

  • there's also a Virtual Tour which is rather like walking through the gallery & will take you through doors to each room in turn

  • or there's a simple Slideshow & also full details of every artwork is listed in the Shop.

Here's the link to go there now.

If you'd like to invite friends to browse the pictures then please forward them this invitation.

All the works are postcard sized & are priced at just £25 so make great gifts. Work is supplied unmounted & unframed but if you'd prefer framing then this can be arranged.

If you'd like to ask anything about the artwork then we'd love to talk to you - you can use the Chat button or Contact page on the website, and there's also email or phone.

This is the first time we’ve attempted to stage a virtual exhibition with all the technological challenges this involves in a fairly short space of time, it's been quite an adventure so if you have found any glitches please tell us - it’s a big learning curve!

Just remember though ... it's a virtual exhibition, so please don't travel to Orkney to see it!

Happy browsing!

From the Team at

Beach | Orkney

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