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Fresh Green Salad

Fresh Green Salad

Lovely selection of luscious green salad leaves freshly picked from the kitchen garden.  

Grown without the use of ferilisers or pesticides from organic seeds.  

Enough for 1 medium or 2 small portions.  


Leaves will be chosen from delicate greenhouse plants & may include any of the following:

Lollo Rosso lettuce, Oak Leaved lettuce, Land Cress, Wild Rocket, Purslane, Parsley, Lambs Lettuce, soft Kale leaves, Calabrese florets & leaves, Spinach, Pea Shoots, new Bean leaves, Cauliflower greens, Mint, Chives, Nasturtium, Coriander, Basil.


Salads are picked to order & contents will vary according to the leaves that are available in season.


Available to order only, for collection from outside the farm gate by appointment.

Leaves can't be posted I'm afraid!

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