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Inspiration Day - Creative Workshop

Inspiration Day - Creative Workshop


Indulge in an Inspiration Day creative workshop at Beach Gallery to nurture your soul & awaken your creativity. The day will include guided visualisations & positive affirmations so you can set your mind free & shift into a positive way of thinking.  You'll be able to walk on the beach outside if you like, to gather shells or found treasures that you're drawn to.  To free up your inhibitions, there'll be some loose drawing exercises & creative  journalling to express yourself freely & find your inspiration.  Play with a huge variety of different art & craft materials that are provided here in the studio so you can really enjoy yourself experimenting & creating.  You'll be working in a stunning environment - a light-filled space with the beach just outside the window where we are surrounded by birds, wildlife & possibly a visiting seal! 
You don't need to have any art talent at all for this because the day is all about exploration & finding your happy place, so don't worry if you think you're not creative!  Your tutor will provide art technical guidance if you want it, but playing & experimenting is what it's all about.  Refreshments are available but you're welcome to bring along snacks or a packed lunch if you wish.  There will be a maximum of 4 participants so we'll be a very small, friendly & supportive little group of souls! 
We run these days throughout the year & can arrange special dates to fit in with your planned holiday to Orkney if you drop us a message.
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