Love, Life & Luck : Destiny Question Card Reading

Love, Life & Luck : Destiny Question Card Reading

Consulting the 'Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards' is an entertainment game based on a very old method practised by wandering gypsies long ago.  

You may ask 3 questions of the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards.

The cards give answers on questions of Love, Life & Luck.


How to get your reading:

First concentrate steadily on the questions you would like to ask.

Select one question for each aspect (Love, Life & Luck).

After your booking has been submitted you will receive an acknowledgement & the answers to your questions will arrive within 24hrs via email.


The accuracy of the answers that the cards give to the questions depends largely on the sincerity of the questioner.  So if questions of an unsuitable nature are asked, the answers will be in the same frivolous vein.


For entertainment purposes only.

Here are the seven questions in each of the Love, Life, Luck aspects:



Why do people love me?

How many times will I fall in love?

How will I notice the person I am to marry?

How will I recognise my life partner?

Does he/she care for me?

Why is my husband’s conduct so strange?

Why is my wife’s conduct so strange?



What profession should I follow?

What will my home be like?

Will my present perplexities be solved?

Will my life be adventurous?

Will I achieve my hearts desire?

How will I recognise my enemy?

What is my greatest attribute?



Against what am I warmed?

What are my lucky numbers?

Will my present luck change?

Will the plan I have in mind succeed?

Will I receive the letter I expect?

What would bring me good fortune?

Will I be lucky soon?



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