Love Quest Tarot 4-Card Reading

Love Quest Tarot 4-Card Reading

The Love Quest Reading makes an unusual personal gift for someone special. 

Here is a sample of the Love Quest reading, which gives insight into these four questions …

Question One :- What can I do to be receptive to love?

Question Two :- What lessons do I need to learn? 

Question Three :- How do I attract love into my life?

Question Four :- What will I first notice about my new love?


The reading will be compiled by an experienced TV psychic reader with 25 years experience of spiritual development.  You will receive a printed copy of the reading (as in the photograph), rolled into a scroll which is tied with ribbon to become a gift you can give for birthdays, celebrations or any time of the year when you feel a little magic is needed.


When you order the reading, please add the name of the person the reading is for in the notes area.  If you would like the reading to be sent directly to the recipient, please add their address as the shipping address.


Here is the sample reading ...


Insight into your Love Quest

To be receptive to love, put aside the influence of past betrayal and the fear that this may manifest again in your next love.  Your focus should be on banishing feelings of fear and replacing it with trust.  


The lesson to be learned is that fear of betrayal is holding you back but it is entirely within your power to conquer that fear.  Your focus should be on increasing your inner confidence and the knowledge that change is within your power.  Banish fear by becoming aware of the colour Orange in the world around you and be open to absorbing the vibrational energy of the Sun to increase your confidence.  As the Sun is the ruling planet of Sunday, this is a good day to intensify the energy of your intention.


To attract love into your life be aware of the values and beliefs that you will share with your next love.  In your quiet time reflect on what is vital to you, you may feel these are a love of nature or the need for the security of family around you.  Set your intention on the next waning moon to draw those qualities to you in your new love and be aware when you notice those qualities in others.


You will first notice your new love for the qualities of compassion, caring for others and inner strength.  You can heighten your perception of this by focussing on the qualities of the Willow or Birch tree.




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