Psychic Tarot 12-Card Reading

Psychic Tarot 12-Card Reading

This is a tarot reading using 12 cards which addresses many important aspects of life including family, work, career, love & relationships.  The reading is done using a minature set of Rider-Waite tarot cards by Cara who is a professional TV/telephone psychic reader with 25 years experience.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only.


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Here is a sample reading to give you a flavour of how it works.


So this is telling me that your energy may have been feeling drained recently by a worry that someone has not been there for you or may have been hiding their true feelings. I’m being shown that the outcome of this is that there will be a reconnection with that person and you will have the opportunity to resolve any misunderstanding and that the friendship could develop once again. The timeframe for this could be around the time of a new moon when the energy will be strong for this - the next New Moon is 15th November. You can intensify this energy by noticing a feather, the colours of yellow or gold or to light some incense.

There is very strong positive energy around home and security and the message here is to trust your intuition to guide you back to a feeling of greater security. The message is to trust your instincts to show you the way to unlock potential in unexpected ways. The energy will be strongest for this around the time of the full moon and the November moon is on 30th. To intensify this energy you could increase your connection to the earth perhaps by spending time in nature or doing a bit of gardening.

You will be given an opportunity to express your love and caring energies and the timeframe for this is around the time of the full moon at the end of November.

You’ll become aware that someone in your family or close circle of friends is ready to give you some valuable advice and she can give you her honest opinion based on her understanding and experience. This opportunity will come in around the time of the full moon, particularly the Cold Moon on December 30th.

You find you’ll want to increase your energy to spend doing practical things in your leisure time so if you’re an outdoorsy person this may be that you will want to plan a bike ride or a walk to a nice destination, or if you are creative this may mean getting down to some crafts or making things which you will find rewarding. This energy this will come in around the time of the waxing moon possibly the Beaver Moon in November which is the 18th of November. You can increase the intensity of this energy by focusing on birds in the garden and the time of the dawn.

You will have the opportunity to draw upon particularly strong energy to support you in the area of work, whether that be in a job or in your role at home. You’ll find you can draw upon energy that will help you carry out tasks skilfully and reliably and you may find you will be able to come up with some good ideas or maybe even have an idea for starting a small business. You could intensify this energy by noticing any rocks or crystals that may be around you at that time and by focussing your mind on increasing your sense of stability and your ability to build foundations. This energy is strongest around the waning moon which is November 11.

The message coming in here is that it is now time to take a rest from overthinking a situation involving relationships. You’ll notice that you may feel you want to move your contemplation to quietly prepare for positive decisions on your relationships and how you might shift your thoughts to the future. This energy is strong around the new moon which is 15th of November.

I’m being shown that you may feel you can let go of the need to hold onto material things and trust that all will be well and that prosperity will come your way. This energy is highest at the time of the waning moon on November 8.

Your reading shows the wheel of fortune as your destiny. This is a very strong positive message. It signifies a turning point in your vision for your future. The energy you can draw upon will intensify your personal vision and start to turn the wheels in motion to move towards that vision. The energy is strong at the time of the new moon when the Earth sun and moon are all aligned and that’s next happening on November 15.

There is a message that perhaps it’s time to think about your true conviction and maybe you’ve been thinking of taking your interests to a new level perhaps by joining a professional club or taking a course of study to deepen your knowledge. You can draw the energy coming in for you around the time of the waxing moon which is happening on November 22. You can increase your sense of drive and energy by noticing fire or the colours of red and orange.


To order a personal reading for yourself, click on Add to Cart & checkout using any credit card.  Your reading will be delivered to your email within 48 hours.


Your psychic reader's name is Cara & you can also find Cara on Sky TV Channel 680 at Psychic Today, her exclusive PIN number is 4098 .