Wish Making Service

Wish Making Service

Most of us have made a wish when we blow out candles on a cake, haven't we?  Maybe you feel the wishes you've been making recently could do with a little boost?


We know that if we send a little bit of positive psychic energy in your direction it will help your wish on it's way?  It's a lovely thought, maybe it's worth a try? 


So how do we make our wishes?

It's based on the principle that there is universal energy out there in the ether which can be channelled & directed for your highest good - rather like Reiki healing.  First we focus on setting the intention for the wish in positive form, for example "To Draw In The Quality of Love".  Then we choose the component parts to combine into the wish that will increase the vibrational energy.  This makes the wish stronger.   Rather like making a cake, the ingredients we choose bind together to create something beautiful. 


How do we choose the ingredients?

We choose the ingredients according to their correspondences, for example the energy of a daisy is associated with love, and the colour green is associated with the heart chakra and unconditional love. We may also choose correspondences based on their association to planets & elements such as Fire, Earth, Air & Water.  We may also choose to make the wish at a specific time that corresponds with the planetary hour or a particular moon phase which increases the vibrational energy of the wish.  When the ingredients have been chosen & the intention set then the wish is ready to be sent out to the Universe as a whisper.  Every wish is created with loving kindness.


How do I choose a wish?

So, when you're ready just choose a wish from the Wish List.


Your wish must be of a positive nature, well intentioned & harm no-one. 

We'll send you a little message when we've energised your wish! 

Do let us know if it comes true!


For entertainment purposes only.

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